Two Wrongs Make A Right – S4:E5

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Kenzie Madison is pissed at her boyfriend Dillon for cheating on her, so she gets back at him in the only way she knows how: making shaving cream graffiti on his parents’ house. Unfortunately, Dillion isn’t home to appreciate Kenzie’s rage but his dad sure is. Dillon’s dad confronts Kenzie to figure out what’s going on, bringing her inside to explain. He suggests that Kenzie call her parents to pick her up, but she panics and decides the better option is to seduce Dillon’s dad so they’ll both have a secret they can’t talk about.Kenzie finds Dillon’s dad’s cock already hard, so she takes advantage by stroking him off despite his weak protests. Soon enough she’s got those hot little lips of hers wrapped around his fuck stick. Dad can’t help himself; once Kenzie takes off her shirt he reaches out to feel up those young perky breasts and pinch her nipples. By the time Kenzie gets on her hands and knees for her BF’s dad to bang her from behind, he’s beyond the point of telling her no.After her doggy style introduction, Kenzie gets on her back so her o-face is easily visible to Dillon’s dad. He pounds her until she’s moaning, then helps her into his lap so she can ride his fuck stick like the crazy coed she is. As soon as Kenzie is done taking a facial of hot cum, she hears the garage door opening as Dillon’s mom comes home. She peaces out so Dillon’s dad will have to clean up her mess on his own.


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