Stepmoms Biological Clock – S3:E10

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It’s important that redhead Sophia Locke take the time to rub lotion all over her soft skin every day. There’s just one problem: rubbing herself down makes her super duper horny. She hears something ticking but can’t figure out what it is. Later, she drops some yogurt onto her tits and hears it again. Again there’s a ticking and again, she can’t figure out what the sound could be. Later when Sophia is getting ready to do laundry, she asks her stepson Oliver Flynn if he has anything for her. He does, but it’s cum covered briefs. The sight of that big load makes Sophia realize what the ticking sound is: her biological clock. The moment she does, she pops her big jugs out and announces that Oliver needs to cream inside her right now. Surprised, Oliver doesn’t say no as Sophia crawls into bed with him to suck his dick and stroke the shaft.Sophia gets on her back and spreads her thighs so Oliver can sink balls deep inside her. Then she gets on her knees so he can dick her down in just the way she’s been fantasizing about. Riding Oliver in cowgirl makes Sophia moan, but just as importantly it brings Oliver to a climax of his own that leaves Sophia’s cooch dripping with his hot jizz.


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