Please Me More – S1:E2

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Nikki Nutz is in the kitchen getting a surprise breakfast ready for his hot stepmom, Sharon White. When Sharon comes downstairs, Nikki invites her to sit down as he serves her. Nikki claims that he’s not hungry, so he stands beside Sharon to offer her prompt refills and anything else she needs until she confirms that she doesn’t need anything else. Throughout the day, Nikki continues to make kind gestures to his stepmom like bringing her flip flops after her shower. Sharon begins to understand that Nikki has a bit of a crush on her, so she decides to come up with a nice reward for his kindness.Once Nikki has settled in on the couch, Sharon slips into a set of lingerie and a robe. She tells her stepson that she has a kink in her neck and that she’d like a massage. Dropping the robe so Nikki can get a full eyeful, Sharon joins him on the couch and instructs him to rub her neck and shoulders. Next, Sharon lies down so Nikki can massage her lower back. Nikki can’t help but pop a boner as he gets a big eyeful of Sharon’s incredible body. When Sharon feels Nikki’s stiffie poking into her ass, she turns the tables on her stepson and pushes him to a seated position. Turning around, Sharon drops to her belly and opens wide to start sucking Nikki off.Nikki can’t go back once he’s had his stepmom’s lips wrapped around his dick deep throating him. He takes Sharon up on her invitation to slide her thong aside and finger bang her while licking her clit. Then he indulges in her perky titties as he keeps his finger fucking going. By the time Nikki shoves it in, Sharon is dripping wet for him. The move from missionary to spooning, but Sharon needs it harder and deeper. Doggy does just the right trick, leaving stepmommy moaning loud and long. Sharon urges Nikki to take a seat once again so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl with her tits pressed into his face. All Sharon wants in return for her gift to Nikki is a creampie, which Nikki eventually delivers to leave her fully satisfied with her surprise lovemaking.


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