My Stepmom Acts Like A Teenager – S2:E10

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Scarlett Mae is a younger stepmommy who is struggling with having a stepson closer to her age than her husband. Zane Walker is also struggling with Scarlett’s presence in his house. After a rough day, Scarlett just wants to veg out and have some time to herself, but Zane wants her to give him a ride to practice.Since Scarlett can’t get any alone time, she decides to masturbate right there in the living room. Zane’s staring leads Scarlett to tell him that if he’s gonna look at her like that he may as well put it in. With an inviting babe like Scarlett telling him to fuck her with her pussy and titties out, how can Zane turn that invite down? He does as he’s told, shoving himself balls deep into that greedy snatch.Throwing her head back, Scarlett enjoys the feeling of being fucked. She sucks her own juices from the D, then climbs on top to ride it in cowgirl. Turning around, she keeps on bouncing in reverse cowgirl as she rubs her clit to double down on her own delight. Getting on her knees, Scarlett watches over her shoulder as Zane dicks her down in doggy and then gives her a nice creampie to help her blow off all that stress.


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