My Crazy Step Sister – S3:E5

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Katie Kush’s family has a great home gym and she likes to take advantage frequently to keep her sexy figure. The best part about working out at home is that she can take her clothes off as she gets too warm. When Katie’s stepbrother pops in to let her know that their parents are on the way to pick them up, then returns later to say that their parents will be late. Katie hasn’t listened to her brother at all, and is still working out on the Stairmaster, topless. She asks him to get her some water and he does. Then she asks him to spot her, which he also reluctantly agrees to do.When Katie realizes her stepbro isn’t doing a great job spotting her and that he has an erection, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Best of all, her brother can’t stop her because his hands are full of the bar. Soon enough she has her lips wrapped around his dick and is sucking to her heart’s content. Eventually her brother manages to get the bar down, leaving his hands free to fondle Katie’s pussy, which he finds wet and ready.Once her stepbro sits on the bench, Katie climbs on top for a full-on stiffie ride. Then she gets on her hands and knees for a doggy style pussy pounding. She follows that up with letting her brother go to work as she lays on the bench on her back, legs spread and moaning loudly. Katie’s stepbrother finally pulls out of her creamy sheath, letting Katie blow him one last time until her deep throat BJ sends him over the edge. Sated, they agree to clean up before their parents get home.


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