Married With Issues Peg In Toyland – S1:E6

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Peg Bundy is feeling a bit lonely, so the redhead sneaks into Kelly’s room and steals her daughter’s dildo! Now that she’s equipped for a good time, Peg gets into bed and starts sucking the toy like it’s a real dick. Her hands get busy with her body as she rubs her clit and tits with sure strokes to warm herself up. As she pushes her underwear aside to start putting that dildo to use, Peggy begins fantasizing about her son’s friend Rob.She envisions Rob in the living room, taking control of his friend’s milf-y mother. He starts by kissing her neck and letting her stroke his dick as he caresses her snatch. Soon imaginary-Rob has his face buried between Peg’s thighs as he relieves her of her leggings and then pulls her thong aside and feasts on her cream filled pussy. This alpha male isn’t about to stop until he’s stripped his friend’s mom down and sunk his dick balls deep in her greedy snatch. Peg is loving every moment of her fantasy as she imagines a variety of salacious positions from a reverse cowgirl ride to a doggy style pussy pounding. She rolls onto her side to change up the angle of penetration so Rob can really make her motor run. As she resumes her doggy style position in her fantasy, her dream man covers her ass in cum. The thought of Rob jizz all over combined with the deep touch of the dildo bring Peggy off in real life. She cums just in time to pull her lingerie together and run from Kelly’s room.


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