Married With Issues Al Goes Deeper – S1:E9

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Peg Bundy is feeling horny as she joins her family on the couch. She’s sporting some sexy lingerie as she tries to distract Al’s attention from the playoffs. Grabbing a blanket, she puts it over Al’s lap to try hiding what she’s doing from the kids. Bud and Kelly know exactly what’s up as their mom strokes their dad’s dick, but they pretend to be oblivious as Peg crawls beneath the blanket to start sucking Bud’s hardon.Flipping up her lingerie so Al can watch her peeling her thong off, Peg gets back on her knees to keep on gobbling that cock in a deep throat BJ that shakes the whole couch. Kelly continues to ignore the show, but Bud is really digging watching his parents get nasty. When Peg lets Al know that she can’t wait another moment for the D, he agrees to fuck her right there on the couch. They’re still trying to be subtle, so Al spoons behind Peg while they use the blanket to allegedly cover their debauchery. Peg isn’t very good at holding her moan, so Al covers her mouth to help her out.The adults readjust their position as Al dives into Peg’s nicely trimmed twat. The kids roll their eyes at each other but say nothing as Al puts on the blanket like a cape and gets on his knees to bang his sexpot wife. When Peg flips over onto her belly to take it from behind, Al grabs a pair of stockings to gag her. By this point, Bud starts rubbing his own stiffie as he watches the show, much to Kelly’s disgust. Al busts a nut in Peg’s pussy, prompting her to abruptly leave as she announces she has to use the bathroom. Al follows to allegedly help Peg, leaving Bud and Kelly to finally discuss what they’ve just witnessed.


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