Lets Make A Deal – S2:E12

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Chloe Temple is a bad girlfriend who’s been caught cheating by her boyfriend’s buddy. Buddy decides to give Chloe the chance to come clean to her boyfriend all on her own. Chloe denies that the girl was her, but buddy offers Chloe visual evidence of her indiscretion. Her story changes, and suddenly Chloe demands that buddy keep his mouth shut. She claims she loves her boyfriend and that the other guy means nothing.Eventually Chloe asks what she has to do for buddy to keep his mouth shut. She offers him a glimpse at her pussy, then decides she’s in control of the situation because obviously a quick BJ will make this all go away. She’s an expert at using her mouth, from deep throating to sucking balls and everything in between. Then she peels off her panties and climbs onto buddy’s fuck stick to ride him.With her perky titties bouncing everywhere, Chloe keeps up her insistence that this is going to make the whole problem go away. She has buddy wrapped around her finger as he obliges her by taking her doggy style. Then she rolls onto her back so buddy can bang her hard and fast until he pulls out and covers her boobs in jizz. At the end, buddy agrees to Chloe’s request that he delete the pictures and never bring it up again.


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