Leave It To Moms Beaver The Milk Man Bw – S1:E1

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Mom serves breakfast to Beaver and Dad, and as she’s pouring coffee she learns that Dad’s boss has asked him to work let yet again! What’s a horny housewife to do but try to get her husband’s attention any way she can, including by laying a wet one on Dad as he tries to kiss her cheek goodbye? The boys rush out the door, although Beaver forgets his books. Finding herself alone in the house, Mom takes the opportunity to masturbate in the kitchen. She is interrupted by the milkman, who catches her with her tits and twat hanging out. Rather than being embarrassed, Mom decides that since she’s been so neglected lately she’s going to fuck the milkman.Popping the milkman’s cock from his uniform, Mom gets down on her knees to fasten her lips around the shaft. Her sucking is slow and steady as she enjoys the attention of a man. Although the milkman is surprised and tries to protest, he’s not about to stop a babe like Mom from doing what she wants with his hard dick. That becomes especially true as Mom positions the milkman on a chair and then peels off her clothes so she can fuck him as he sits there. Telling the milkman to sit back and let her do the work, Mom rides his fuck stick like a wild woman.For her next position, Mom leans over the table and tells the milkman to take her from behind. He is happy to comply, thrusting his hips and pumping Mom full of cock just like she’s been dreaming of! Eventually Mom turns over so she can sit on the table and wrap her legs around the milkman as he drives into her at a ball-slapping pace until he brings her to one final climax. Mom has just finished jerking the milkman off for a facial when Beaver returns home and asks what’s going on. The milkman runs out the door, while Mom tells her son that they’re just getting the milk delivered.


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