Daughters Lewd Behavior – S1:E11

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Dolly Leigh has decided to confide in her stepdad about all the guys she’s fucking. Her stepdad knows that she’s been dressing pretty skanky and has been out on the town a lot, but he’s shocked to hear that his gorgeous stepdaughter has been slutting it up. When Dolly asks her daddy to take a look at her hairy pussy and tell her what he thinks, he manages to say no but not before Dolly has put his hand right where she wants it.Later, Dolly is sunbathing in a bikini as her dad watches her and jacks off. She takes her bikini off to eliminate her tan lines, then begins caressing her sweet sensual curves. When she realizes that her stepdad is watching, she joins him inside and pulls his dick close to start sucking. This crazy redhead knows just what to do to get her daddy’s motor running with her hot mouth and soft hands.Guiding her dad’s dick to her tight twat, Dolly makes it clear that she wants to get fucked! Her stepdad’s resistance has melted away by the time he feels how tight and wet she is. Suddenly he can’t get enough of that hot tight twat! Dolly rides his fuck stick, then gets on her hands and knees to take it doggy style. When her dad is ready to cum. He pulls out to cover her ass in jizz which leave Dolly smiling on the way out the door.


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