Cold Hard Cash – S2:E5

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Petite babe Avery Moon wants a tattoo but she doesn’t have any money. She asks her brother for the money, but when he says no she steals it. Avery’s stepbro isn’t stupid; he knows exactly where his money went, so he confronts his sister. He points out that Avery has a brand new tattoo and asks where she got the money. She claims it was from a friend, but her story quickly falls apart. Avery offers to give her stepbrother something else in exchange for the money, like working it off in the age-old way.Leaning back so that her miniskirt rides up to reveal her landing strip twat, Avery lets her stepbrother see and feel just how wet she is. Then she whips out his dick to put her sassy little mouth to work once he agrees to have sex with her. She sucks him until he’s nice and hard, then lays on her back so he can shove it all the way in. This horny chick is all about her stepbrother’s cock as she rides him, strokes him with her feet, and then gets on her knees. Getting fucked doggy style leaves Avery moaning her delight, which pushes her stepbrother to the edge of his endurance. He flips her on her back and keeps on banging her until he’s about to cum, then pulls out and jizzes into Avery’s mouth so she can swallow his cumshot. When Avery is done, she lets her stepbro know that she’s thinking of getting another tattoo if they want to keep up their new deal.


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