Brother Fucker – S2:E9

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Natalie Brooks is feeling dissatisfied about her relationship with her boyfriend, so she decides to take what she wants from his older brother. She corners her boyfriend’s bro when he’s studying in his room and tries to warm him up by talking about her boyfriend. When she reveals why she’s really there, bro isn’t too happy about it but Natalie can tell from his hard dick that he likes what he sees. Despite his protests, she whips out his stiffie and starts sucking him off.Bro isn’t about to turn down such a hot and horny sure thing, so he lets it happen. Things get even hotter as Natalie draws back and pushes her breasts together for a titty fuck. Then the hot and horny student turns around and takes it from behind as her boyfriend’s brother pounds her doggy style to give her the satisfaction she craves.Natalie takes that hardon for a stiffie ride in her greedy fuck hole as she enjoys having a big dick that fucks her right. Then she leans back and lets her boyfriend’s bro bang her as she watches down the line of her body. She’s just basking in the afterglow of a big cum facial when she hears her boyfriend walk into the house and flees to his brother’s bathroom to clean off the mess.


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