Beach Pickup – S3:E4

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Kate Bloom is a tight little spinner who has found herself at the beach without a phone or a ride home. She approaches a stranger and asks if she can borrow his phone. Since she walked up with her titties flashing, he agrees to let the hot blonde do whatever she wants. When she’s done, she asks the stranger for a ride home. Curious to see where this will go, the stranger goes ahead and lets Kate into his car. He is rewarded by constant glimpses of her naked body from her small little breasts to her plump bare pussy.When Kate arrives home, she invites her stranger inside to compensate him for his time. Within moments she has peeled off her bikini so she stands nude before him. Then she pulls out the stranger’s hardon so she can slip her mouth around it and start sucking. Her BJ is just the prelude to a wild fuck, as the stranger soon learns when Kate positions herself in his lap and impales herself on his fuck sitck.Kate bounces away at her stiffie ride, which only gets her bald snatch wetter and hornier. Rolling onto her back to let the stranger take the lead in their coupling makes it even better. Getting on her hands and knees to let her stranger fuck her from behind hits all the right buttons, leaving her moaning in pure bliss. When she’s finished cumming, Kate resumes stroking the stranger’s man meat until he’s about ready to blow his load. She gets on her back and opens her mouth, eagerly taking the facial he delivers.


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