We Need The Real Thing Stepdad – S5:E3

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Tiffany Tatum and Ohana Petite are hanging out and sorting through clothes when Ohana admits she wishes Tiffany’s stepbrother was there. Since Tiffany’s stepbro isn’t around, the girls decide to get themselves off. Laying side by side, the girls watch each other masturbate. It’s nice, but Ohana needs a dick!Finally, Tiffany has an idea to help them both out. She and Ohana change into lacy lingerie and go to Tiffany’s mom’s room where her stepdad, Renato, is trying to work. The girls don’t beat around the bush: They want his cum. Although Renato tries to protest, he’s silenced by kisses. By the time he has two certified nubile mouths sharing his cock, Renato is all about seeing this game through.Ohana takes the first ride, mounting Renato in reverse cowgirl before Tiffany takes her turn in cowgirl. On her knees, Tiffany takes a pussy pounding from behind even as she eats Ohana out. Ohana gets another turn with the D when she lays with her head cradled in Tiffany’s lap and Renato pistoning in and out of her. The girls finally get their jizz when Renato nuts in Tiffany’s mouth and gives her a big load to snowball with Ohana.


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