We Love Cyber Monday – S5:E6

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Scarlett Skies and Penelope Kay put on silver dresses. Penelope’s stepbrother Joshua Lewis asks what they’re doing. The girls explain that it’s Cyber Monday and they want to cyber. Joshua listens to them for a minute before rolling his eyes and walking away.The girls aren’t about to take no for an answer. They follow Joshua to his room and tell him that they want to be his cyber girls. Since it means they want to fuck, Joshua is on board. Their first lesson is Penelope blowing Joshua’s cock and sucking his balls as his stepsister masturbates and watches. Then Penelope climbs on top for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride while Scarlett does whatever she can for their pleasure.When it’s Scarlett’s turn to enjoy her stepbro’s dick, she starts out on her back with Penelope sucking her titties and hard nips. Swapping out, Penelope enjoys the same treatment. When Scarlett gets on her knees, she takes a dicking down in doggy. Sated, they work together to make Joshua cum so they can play with their treat in a delightful end to their cyber antics.


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