Stepsisters Black Friday Deal – S3:E1

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Scarlet Skies and her friend Molly Little are enjoying themselves looking through Black Friday deals. They both settle on wanting the super glitter slime kit and mock fighting each other for it in front of Scarlet’s stepbrother, Lucky Fae. Lucky rolls his eyes at how ridiculous they are and leaves. Scarlet confesses to Molly that the real reason she wants the kit is that the slime resembles cum.Later the girls ask Lucky if he’s ready to take them to the store. He inquires about what would happen if there was only one super glitter slime kit. Would they fight each other? The girls mock debate about that, but then Scarlet announces that one thing they’d definitely over is cum. They go back to mock fighting and rip each other’s tops off! Lucky throws out there that they can fight over his cum, and the girls eventually agree that they should ditch the slime kit and go for the real deal.Dropping to their knees, they pull out Lucky’s dick to begin sucking him off together. Then the girls get to their feet as they shimmy out of their shorts. Molly gets to enjoy the first go with Lucky’s hardon as she rides him in reverse cowgirl with Scarlet licking and nipping her nipples. Then Lucky eats Scarlet out as a prelude to slamming into her velvet glove. When Scarlet gets on her knees, she keeps on getting a pussy pounding from Lucky even as she feasts on Molly’s sweet snatch. When Lucky is ready to blow his load, the girls get on their knees so he can deliver the goods straight to their faces. Once the cum is theirs, Molly and Scarlet snowball the goods as they play with the sticky delight.


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