Can I Please Fuck Your Friend – S5:E4

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Chanel Camryn sits between her friend Katie Kush and her stepbrother Lucas Frost. The trio is quiet, which Lucas’s mom Lindsay Lee notices. Lindsay is just happy to see them all getting along, but what she doesn’t know is that it’s because they’ve just finished banging one another in a fucktastic threesum.When Lindsay left the stepsiblings and Katie earlier, Lucas waited until she was gone to beg Chanel to let him fuck her friend. They agree as long as Chanel can watch. At first, they claim Lucas needs to use a condom (which Katie applies with her mouth) so he doesn’t knock Katie up, but as soon as Katie puts Lucas’s hands on Chanel’s tits, she snaps the condom off. Next thing Lucas knows, he’s getting a double blowjob from his stepsister and her hot friend.Chanel gets on her knees so Katie can watch Lucas’s cock slide in. Satisfied, Katie gets on her knees in front Chanel so her BFF can eat her out as she takes a doggy style pussy pounding. Swapping spots, Katie gets the D in doggy while eating Chanel out. When it’s Chanel’s turn again, Katie uses her hands and mouth to encourage both stepsiblings to cum. Lucas delivers his promised creampie to Chanel, which Katie sucks out so the girls can play with the jizz.


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